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about the artist

My work investigates landscape; the visual and perceptual responses to what we see and what we have altered, of language, movement, and layers. The relationships we create both intentionally and un-knowingly with the terrains we inhabit.  I research and experiment in a variety of landscapes in both a more literal geographical and physical sense and in the possibilities that arise when considering the delicate balance between control and chaos in the human condition and between nature and the managed landscape, whether it’s moorland, city, or industrial space.

I try to approach my art practice with playfulness and energy and an instinctive reaction to what I know about each place I am working in. It is predominantly drawing and painting, but I also look to create opportunities that invite audiences to take part, play games, walk new walks, read alternative maps and hopefully consider landscape in a different way.  All my work has a clear narrative and researched background and is consistently visually and physically strong.


short CV

  • First class honours degree in Fine Art winning faculty painting prize in 2013. 

  • Selection for an International residency and exhibition in Singapore. 

  • Exhibited in the South West, Plymouth, Exeter and London since 2012.

  • Residency with Natural England, exhibiting on site and lead on a multi-artist trail responding to the concept of the managed landscape.

  • MA in Contemporary Art practice in 2017. My Masters project was a choreographed body of work that mapped the ‘invisible city’ created by urban walkers in public spaces resulting in an installation, text work and a board game for the MA show.

  • Ongoing freelance art practice while working on other projects and recent set up of illustration and design studio.

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